Customized Private Journeys

Creating and sharing bespoke guided tours throughout the island of Ireland since 1986 

A ‘Hidden Ireland’ personalized, guided trip can be provided anywhere throughout the island of Ireland. Every one of our unique journeys starts with a conversation from which each trip is specially created. To explore what’s possible, reach out to us with your thoughts,  your dates, the number in your group, the type of accommodations you prefer and anything else you deem important. We will get back in touch and share some ideas with you. We work with groups of varying sizes and we love catering for people’s special interests! On this site you may find some itineraries to serve as ‘starting points’ in the conversation and planning your special journey.

Ireland is an extremely interesting and exciting place to visit these days! A young, vibrant and modern nation is figuring things out against a backdrop of spell-binding natural beauty in a land where things and matters ancient, seem to mix easily with the contemporary. There is a vibrancy in its creative arts,  food and other cultural expressions reflecting a people on an incredible journey. 

A personalised itinerary with a driver/guide anywhere throughout the island of ireland.

Bespoke cultural hiking trips, created to suit all levels at the finest locations.

Created with Wilderness Travel.

Personalised Itineraries around a variety of special interests

Unique spiritual journeys.

 “Con Moriarty’s love of his homeland is present every minute as you tour with him and hear his stories and experience his perspective of ireland – great story teller, wonderful guides, beautiful experience.”


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