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Con Ó Muircheartaigh

Con Moriarty (Co-founder, Trip leader & Guide)

Con was born and raised at the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry where the spectacular surrounds and horizons of this childhood domain provided a powerful beckoning to explore his valley and beyond. A lifelong mountaineer who has travelled widely and a guide throughout his adult life,  it is Con’s curiosity and ever- deepening knowledge of Ireland’s natural and human geography along with his reputation for passionately sharing his place that makes him sought-after by discerning visitors.  In the 1980’s one such visitor who experienced this was Binky Oswalt who encouraged and partnered with Con to establish Hidden Ireland Tours as a conduit for others to share in the joy and magic that continues to burn brightly. 

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Ann Curran Hidden Ireland Tours
Ann Curran (Trip leader & Guide)

Ann was born and raised in the town of Dingle in west County Kerry. Active in her community, Ann held careers in finance and real estate and in the guesthouse and restaurant industry before embracing her vocation as a trip-leader and guide over two decades ago, something she has earned her a rich reputation . Sharing her time and place is a ‘special gift’ for Ann – and brings joy to all who have travel, hike, golf, bike –  and laugh with Ann Curran.

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Binky Oswalt Hidden Ireland Tours
Marion ‘Binky’ Oswalt (Co-founder & Business Administrator)

Binky was born and raised in the city of Mobile in the state of Alabama – the deep south of the United State. After an initial career in the legal profession , the avid traveller moved to work in the travel industry. It was while on a walking trip in Ireland where she had family connections in the 1980’s that Binky met Con Moriarty.

Ireland, that meeting and the world of beauty and richness it opened had a profound impact on Binky and in the following years her connections with Ireland deepened. Arising from this, Binky’s wish that others would get to experience this hidden Ireland that so nourished her soul, to connect a small number travellers with the world Con lived in and explored every day was what lay behind the initial setting up of The Hidden Ireland with Con Moriarty.

Too many years have passed for Binky to dwell on – but the joy from being part of it all; from usually being the first point of contact for those reaching out ‘planning a trip to Ireland’ and  the many friendships that have emerged, the repeat and referenced clients over the years continue to resonate deeply for this enthusiastic and still avid traveller.  

Kay Woods Hidden Ireland Tours
Kay Woods (Events & Tours Co-ordinator)

Born in England to emigrant parents, from early childhood Kay grew up at the edge of the Atlantic at Lamb’s Head near the coastal valley of Caherdaniel of County Kerry. Earlier careers in the finance and throughout the travel industry, Kay now oversees the critical logistics and administration of our work on the ground in Ireland. A keen golfer and walker and community activist, Kay’s provides the organisation behind many of the magical experiences our guests and guides share.

Eanna O'Malley Hidden Ireland Tours
Éanna O Malley (Cultural Hiking Guide)

Éanna’s usual day-job is a lawyer working from his office in Killarney in County Kerry. Beyond, this community activist and keen sportsman with his eclectic range of interests that includes a scholarly knowledge of Irish and world history and a deep connection to the natural and cultural history of his homeplace at the foothills of the McGillycuddy Reeks, Éanna loves to share his place with others when time allows. For those blessed to share a walk or hike with him, it is always a vacation highlight.

Vinny Hyland Hidden Ireland Tours
Vinny Hyland (Nature Guide)

Vinny is a native of Dublin who was first introduced to the incredible marine and birdlife of coastal County Kerry by his parents, powerful childhood experiences that sowed the seeds of a lifelong interest. Early careers in the capital in areas of IT and in publishing in punctuated extensive sub-aqua diving expeditions around the world came prior to Vinny following his heart and moving fulltime to live with his family at Caherdaniel, a spectacular valley that opens to Atlantic in the southwestern corner of Ireland on what is referred to The Ring of Kerry.  From here Vinny retains an IT connection with involvement in App-design while now primarily working as a nature photographer and filmmaker recording the fascinating natural history of the region on which he is a regular media-contributor.

A warm passionate – and extremely knowledgeable guide whose inner joy is enlivened by sharing his incredible world, 2022 will see the launch a major book on the natural history of his place that is already heralded as a powerful contribution to Ireland’s heritage.  . 

Andrew Heath Hidden Ireland Tours
Andrew Heath (Food Culturalist)

Andrew grew up in England into a family with wide-spread international connections. The son of an Irish mother from County Waterford, Andrew always held strong connections to Ireland before coming to settle in County Cork, at the head of Bantry Bay in the region known as West Cork where he and his local wife own and run Manning’s Food Emporium, a remarkable local institution that was a critical midwife to the extraordinary slow food culture that developed in the region in the 1970’s/’80’s.

A passionate and deeply knowledgeable foodie, Andrew loves to take time from his busy schedule when possible, to wander with small groups of interested guests through the incredible landscapes of the Mizen, Sheeps Head and Beara Peninsula, meeting producer-friends, chatting – and tasting in what is a rare and very special insight into contemporary Ireland’s fine-food culture. 

Michael Gibbons Hidden Ireland Tours
Michael Gibbons (Archaeologist)

Michael was born and raised in Clifden; the unofficial capital of the region known as Connemara in western County Galway. A renowned archaeologist and historian who has worked extensively across the world, Michael’s greatest passion is for landscape and extraordinary human history of Ireland, in particular the incredible regions around Galway Bay. A great communicator with widespread lecture, radio and television experience, time spent wandering through Connemara with Michael is among the very richest experiences possible in Ireland.

Stephan Renard Hidden Ireland Tours
Stephan Renard (Hiking Guide)

Stephan grew up in the French alpine city of Grenoble where, since childhood, the Alps beckoned this curious explorer whose work as a cultural hiking guide and ski instructor/guide has earned him an impressive reputation. Over the years, Stephan has led special bespoke Hidden Ireland trips in his native France and with strong links to Ireland, to Connemara and the Aran Islands through matrilineal descent, he has been leading small groups along Ireland’s Atlantic seaboard region where his passion for the land, its history and culture, added to his humour bring joy to all who share in it.

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Naoise Ó Muircheartaigh Hidden Ireland Tours
Naoise Ó Muircheartaigh (Guide & Trip Co-ordinator)

Naoise was born and spent the early years of his life the tip of the Dingle Peninsula in a place with a vibrant Gaelic culture where the native Irish language (Gaelic) of home, community and school is the daily vernacular. Moving back to the region around the McGillycuddy Reeks with his family nurtured his love of the mountains first encountered in the company of his mother Mary and father Con.

A warm and conscientious travel companion, Naoise is accomplished in a number of outdoor pursuits. He is skilled technical climber and mountaineer who today divides his time between his home-base at the Gap of Dunloe in Ireland and with living in the French alpine centre of Chamonix Mont Blanc as he creates and leads trips in Norway and select regions of the European Alps (for Wilderness Travel and privately) while continuing to pursue qualification as high-mountain guide (IFMGA).

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Lolly Spense Hidden Ireland Tours
Laura ‘Lolly’ Spense (Cultural Guide)

Laura is a proud native of County Down from where she has pursued rich careers in broadcasting mainly history programmes for the BBC in Belfast and as much sought-after guide by those keen to explore Northern Ireland. A superb communicator with a deep reservoir of knowledge and rich personal experiences warmly shared, time spent wandering though Belfast or any of her favourite, hidden places throughout Ireland is a special joy. 

Seamus Doohan Hidden Ireland Tours
Séamus Doohan (Cultural Hiking Guide)

Séamus is from the far north-western corner of Ireland, born and raised in the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) region of Dún na nGall, County Donegal where he works a ‘day-job’ as a local electrician. It is however Séamus’s love of spectacular and hugely unknown Donegal and its hills and rugged coastline along with the rich Gaelic culture of his up bringing that sets this great guide alight. Time spent with this man of Donegal is a special treat and sure to resonate long after leaving the wee county (– that’s not very wee at all). 

Padraig Sears Hidden Ireland Tours
Pádraig Sears (Cycling and Walking Guide)

Pádraig was born and raised in the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) region near the western end of the Dingle Peninsula of County Kerry before leaving to pursue a career in the Irish police service (the Garda Síochána). A keen skier, walker, and cyclist, today Padraig enjoys leading small groups on sojourns on foot or by bike through the landscapes of the southwest.

Kevin Tarrant Hidden Ireland Tours
Kevin Tarrant (Nature Guide)

Kevin as born and raised in Killarney at the edge of its majestic National Park for which he has been a lifelong advocate. A respected community and environmental activist, Kevin and his wife Judy run a publishing business (Kerry Gems), but he enjoys taking time out to share the Park and its environs on foot.  

Enda O'Sullivan Hidden Ireland Tours
Enda O’Sullivan (Hiking Guide) (Walking Guide)

Enda hails from Killarney in County Kerry. He is a dedicated sportsman who works and studies in fields of coaching and conditioning while pursuing his own mountain-running and surfing. A thoughtful guide, Enda enjoys sharing his special places around Kerry, hiking or running Enda with individuals and small group.

John Guerin Hidden Ireland Tours
John Guerin

John comes from the foothills of the McGillicuddy Reeks in County Kerry from where he set out on his first career in the construction industry during Ireland’s ‘Celtic Tiger’ years before developing a love of the mountains at his doorstep. A dedicated guide, John is great companion on hikes, climbs or paddles.

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